Hardline Tactical

What happens when you combine a love of making things, a small machine shop, 12 years of engineering design, a vast knowledge of composites and a love of the shooting sports?  Hardline Tactical happens.  It started as a side hustle making custom signs with a CNC router.  The profits from that funded some 3D printers, and the profits from those funded...well you get the idea.  I still make the signs when asked to of course, but my focus is on firearm accessories.  I do this on the side as I do have a full time job, so my inventory may only have one or two of each item, but on the flip side, I have no overhead and can offer better prices than most places.

So, that's what I do.  I make stuff.  Stuff that is cheap for the buyer without sacrificing quality, and stuff that funds my little machine shop to keep this thing growing.

Thanks for visiting!